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07 Oct 2019
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In Minecraft, the players have to build a different type of blocks in the 3D world. All you need to have the creativity to play the game. Other activities are resource gathering, exploration, combat and craft. The game has a different mode which changes the gameplay. The game is not limited to the survival mode, but also players need to deal with the creative way. The game is the part of Microsoft and Xbox Game studios. In the year of 2011, the game was released fully. You can play the game on your mobile too. The Microsoft acquired it on 6th November 2014. The 3D sandbox game has no specific goal to achieve. It allows the players to enjoy the freedom in choosing how to play the game. The game is composed of 3D objects like, cubes, which is mostly called as blocks and fluids. These represent dirt, water, lava, tree trunks, stone etc. Players need to pick up these objects and placing them correctly. 

Platform supported 

Windows, Linux, macOS 

Install uninstall procedure 

Minecraft is a popular video game in the online world. Let see how you can install the game in your system. 

  • Visit the Downloading page 
  • Download the new version of Minecraft.net/download. The latest Minecraft version has all important java files. So you do not have to install Java separately. 
  • Click on the Minecraft.msi link from the “Minecraft for window” section. From this link download a new installer 
  • Run the program to install Minecraft 
  • Open the launcher. Find the icon after installation. 
  • Now, wait till the game file download completely.  
  • Log in to the Minecraft account  
  • Start playing 

How to uninstall Minecraft from MAC 

To delete the game, you need to delete the Mojang account first. Removing the account means, you will not be able to avail the Mojang services no more. Neither you can purchase not play the game by using the account. By using the same email id, you cannot create a new account as well. Let’s find out how to delete the account. Let see how to uninstall Minecraft from mac 

  • Open the Finder, go to the application section 
  • Now find the Minecraft.app 
  • Now drag Minecraft and drop to the trash 
  • Ctrl+click on the trash icon and select empty trash 

Let’s remove the leftover data as well 

  • Open Finder 
  • Shift+command+G to get the ‘go to the folder.’ 
  • Ctrl C+ Ctrl V – library/ app support/directory 
  • Find the Minecraft folder and send it to trash 
  • Click on shift-command-G 
  • Go to all the folder which has Mojang items 
  • Move all the file to the trash 
  • Go to the trash and empty the trash 

Account registration 

  • Open the Minecraft home page 
  • Register in the Mojang account page while it appears 
  • Fill all the necessary information, like your name, DOB, security question etc 
  • Tap on the register button to complete 
  • Check your email; a verification mail will be received 
  • Click on the link to finish registration 

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