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07 Oct 2019


What is GTA: Vice City 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an RPG action video game first released in October 2002. It’s the 6th installment in the ever-successful Grand Theft Auto series after GTA III.  


The game is set in the fictional city of Vice in Miami where you play the role of Tommy VercettiTommy was recently released in prison because he was caught in an ambushed drug deal. He now seeks revenge for those who set him upThe game is packed full of missions, guns, cars, and all things fun.  


Features of GTA: Vice City 

GTA: Vice City is a vast open-world gaming experience in which you play in third-person perspectiveWhat makes this game such a fan favorite? Let’s find out: 


Map  The map of GTA Vice City is called Vice City which is on Miami. It’s larger than Liberty City and filled with unexpected surprises. At night, the city is bustling in a retro vibe that fits in with the overall theme of the game.  


Motorcycles  The motorcycles are a treat in this game as you get to experience classics such as the PCJ-600 and the Freeway.  


Radio  There’s nine hours of 80s style radio to pump up your mood during daring missions.  


Helicopters  For the first time in the series, you are able to fly helicopters in GTA Vice city although they aren’t easy to get. You first need to take over Diaz’s mansion.  


Graphics  At it’s release, GTA Vice City was one of the pioneer in terms of game graphics with its cutting-edge rendering technology used. This provided the game better details and faster gameplay.  


Platforms Available 

The GTA: Vice City game is available through the following platforms:  


  • PlayStation 2, 3, 4 
  • Microsoft Windows 
  • Mac 
  • Xbox 
  • Android & iOS 


Install and Uninstall instruction 

GTA Vice City is a fairly big game, they can take up to 1.5 GB. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you on the installation process as well as how to uninstall the game.  


Here are the steps:  


1. Open the Google Play Store/App Store. 


2. Search for Grand Theft Auto Vice City


3. Tap installand wait for the game to download. 


4. The game will automatically start


To uninstall it, simple long-press the GTA Vice City icon and tap uninstall.  


Basic Tutorial 

GTA: Vice City is as straightforward as it can get. You play in a third-person perspective in an open-world to finish missions. The button on the left side of your screen is for movement while the right side of the screen is where sprint, hit, and other buttons are located. The on-screen controls changes as you board any vehicle to control it.  


If you go to the menu, you can change a bunch of things according to your device or preference. You can change the brightness, draw distance, screen resolution, visual effects, dynamic shadows, subtitles, and frame limiter.

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